With such an innovative choice, Bologna proves to be a smart city, in line with the times. In fact, free-flow bike-sharing is the ideal solution for routes, giving great impetus to the so-called “intermodality”. The “free flow” system, in addition to enhancing the number of shared bicycles available to citizens, offers the public an easy and fast service, based on a simplicity of use geared to the needs of the community.

To simplify the use by users, the municipal administration has prepared a series of spaces reserved for the stop of bike sharing, the Mobike Hub, visible in the map of the free “Mobike” app downloadable from Apple Store or Google Play. Identified by the signs, the Mobike Hub will be located throughout the Mobike operating area extended for three kilometers of radius from the Two Towers to the entire circle of avenues and the main lines of mobility leaving the center, with particular attention to the connection of more frequented points. Taking advantage of the revolutionary beacon technology, Mobike guarantees a proper stop and rewards the bikes parked inside the Mobike Hubs at great discounts.

How does it work
The user downloads the free Mobike application from the Apple Store or from Google Play. The next step is the creation of an account using the mobile phone number to which the verification code will be entered to pay the security deposit by credit / debit card to guarantee coverage, at least partially, of costs incurred in case of inappropriate behavior or vandalism by the user. Also through the App you can consult the map by locating the nearest bicycles and book them (maximum 15 minutes) simply by clicking on the first icon with the bike and then on “Book”. Once the vehicle has been identified, simply click on the “Unlock” button and scanning the QR code near the bike handlebar the padlock opens automatically; when you reach your destination you can leave your bike safely in one of the available Mobike Hubs by closing the lever on the smart lock. The App will automatically complete the journey.

The means
Mobike bikes are characterized by innovative design, are equipped with GPS, Sim card and a patented smart lock that is unlocked / locked via the App. They are made of aluminum and equipped with a basket and adjustable seat. Regarding the maintenance of bicycles, Mobike has worked in recent years to make the service more reliable and secure both to the public (the behavior of users is monitored and the rate is changed to reward the correct and responsible use) and in the possible theft and damage (100% of Mobike components can not be used on other bicycles, bicycles can be tracked with GPS, are equipped with an alarm and in case of theft and some components such as brakes do not operate if Mobike it is not activated via the App). Bicycles are obviously approved and insured. The user can also report any faults and malfunctions through the App: just report the identification number of the bike and the description of the problem (with a maximum of 140 characters) which will then be recorded in the system.

The operational area
The use of Mobike is allowed within the operational area visible in the Mobike App. The use of Mobike is tolerated outside this operating area, but parking is not permitted. If the bicycles are not returned to the operating area, Mobike will charge users a service charge of 7 euros to recover the bicycle. The charge will be taken directly from the user’s Mobike Portfolio even if it is equipped with a Mobike Pass. If the credit of the Mobike Portfolio is negative, it will no longer be possible to use the App if a new recharge is not sufficient to cover the debt.

Mobike Info Point
The Mobike Info Point located in Dynamo Velostation  (Via dell’Indipendenza 71/z, Bologna), will be a point of contact for users and will give assistance to those interested in the service.

Also available a call center (+39 0362 1635050) open every day from 7 to 20.
The Customer service responds to the email: